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Understanding what is Big Data with examples

Big Data has gained popularity in recent times. It is referred to a sizeable volume of data that cannot be stored or handled using normal data storage or processing tools. Due to the enormous volume of data generated by both human and machine activity, the data are so complicated and vast that neither people nor a relational database can analyze them. However, when properly analyzed using contemporary analytical tools, these vast amounts of data offer firms significant insights that aid them in improving their operations by taking wise decisions.

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Automation Testing: How it Works, Steps, and Benefits

What is Automation Testing? Automation testing is the practice of running test cases by repeating pre-defined tasks using tools, scripts, and software. Test automation focuses on using equipment or systems to replace manual human labor. One can take up a suitable course for automation to know more about it. Because automated testing is carried out using an automation tool, it takes more time to maintain test scripts and less time to do exploratory tests while still boosting test coverage.

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