Automation Consultant: Make your business process effortless

The workplace is changing as a result of automation but still, many businesses struggle to scale automation across the entire organization, even as they test out the possibilities through various initiatives. We think that good technology alone won't be enough to achieve automation success. Together, Rootfacts as an automation consultant embark on an end-to-end automation journey that starts with a company-wide focus on the opportunity and moves through each level of business and technical planning. Then ends with a successful rollout and the realization of the total potential value. 

How Automation can make a difference in your business strategy and create an ideal working environment

  • Mapping the workflow: By examining the current workflow of the company, you may lay the foundation for future process automation.
  • Design from the scratch: Reconfiguring automated process operations from scratch using zero-based techniques.
  • Improving Work Schedule: For maximum efficiency, create and streamline workflow automation procedures and business processes.
  • Flawless Operation: Make sure workflows are efficient by identifying processes that could be automated and reallocating human resources.
  • Digital Transformation: Fully comprehend and incorporate the path to cutting-edge automation techniques.
  • Errorsfree Process: Increase the success rates of outcomes while lowering or eliminating human intervention-related error margins.

Automation service provider

The impact of collaboration with automation consulting providers will be reflected in the company's business strategy in finding and selecting the best automation opportunities, creating the business case, carrying out proofs-of-concept, and supporting fully scaled deployments. Rootfacts collaborate with your business and technical teams most importantly, we work with you to implement the governance to lead your company toward the path of success.

Automation service providers assist the company in planning and accelerating its automation. Automation consultants cover various working modules to ensure that the company gets the most out of automation which include:

  • IoT and Data Integration
  • Automation with little and simple coding
  • Organizational process management 
  • Process automation
  • Artificial intelligence including machine learning and conversational technology

The effectiveness of automation consulting services depends on the outcome, whether those outcomes cost savings or other advantages like enhanced customer satisfaction, decreased error rates, or increased speed. We work with you to adapt your company procedures so that humans and technology are combined as effectively as possible to achieve your goals for automation.