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Big data consultancy helps to uncover insightful information from vast amounts of multi-structured data with the help of professionals. We are among the top leading big data consulting firms that provide big data advisory, support, implementation, and managed services for businesses looking to uncover undiscovered patterns, identify market trends, and improve customer comprehension.

Here's what our Big Data Consultant do

  • Provide advice and thought leadership on integrating big data technologies with existing data and analytics platforms and tools, as well as modernizing analytics settings.
  • Participate in the execution of proof-of-concept projects to evaluate the usefulness of Big Data analytics and Machine Learning use cases, including data collection, storage, transformation, and analysis.
  • Establish and construct big data clusters with the assistance of other organizational groups, and help with the hardware and software requirements for data volumetric applications.

Improve your Big Data capabilities with the leading Big Data Solutions Company

In order for a business to stay viable, a high level of user engagement and data management is required. Our cutting-edge Big Data solutions are designed in such a manner that they can troubleshoot these issues effortlessly.

Data Management

All of our engineers have first-hand experience of utilizing the most recent technological advancements to build, manage, and migrate petabyte-scale data lakes and warehouses. Thus, storage costs, maintainability, and retrieval can all be maximized for business needs.

Data Science

Our data scientists assist businesses with model validations, feature engineering, data analysis, and the creation of unique intelligence platforms. By using data to better understand their customers, streamline operations, and find new business prospects, our clients make use of our data science approach.

Multi-Paradigm Approach

RootFacts continuously provide accurate, quantifiable solutions to issues that are beyond difficult for conventional approaches by utilizing a wide range of contemporary analytical techniques and interfaces.

Application of Computational Methods Across Disciplines

As a big data solutions company, we evaluate and mix techniques from a range of fields and businesses, drawing on our varied backgrounds, to achieve the most thorough outcomes.

Improve your Big Data Capabilities with Root Facts

We provide a comprehensive suite of Big Data services to assist you in optimizing your business processes using insights derived from big data.