Big Data Solution in Agriculture: Transform Your Farms

Traditionally, agriculture has been viewed as anoccupation where knowledge with wisdom is passed down from one generation tothe next. The issues of today, however, such as climate change and thedisappearance of arable land, are more complicated and serious to be addressed

using such knowledge. Hence companies providing big data services in agricultureare looking to technology factors like IoT, big data, analytics, and cloudcomputing to overcome the stresses of rising food demand and climatic changes.

Big Data Consulting in Agriculture

For better decision-making, farmers need to be able to access authentic information which is generally in the form of big data. Aerial mapping, field harvesting, weather monitoring, chemical detection, and othertechnologies that guarantee the correctness of the data acquired are thus

required to contact companies that provide big data consulting in agriculture.


To better manage seeds, herbicides, and fertilizers while boosting production, data from GPS-equipped tractors, soil sensors, and other external sources has been collected. 

Access to plant genome data

This has made it possible to develop beneficial agronomic features. Big data consulting in agriculture can guide companies with useful information which are both authentic and reliable.

Predicting yields

Data on yields, chemicals, weather, and biomass index are collected and analyzed using mathematical models and machine learning. Sensor-based data gathering saves inaccurate manual effort and offers information on yield forecasts.

Risk management

Crop failures brought on by shifting weather patterns can be reduced using data-driven farming.

Food safety

By early spotting bacteria and other contaminants, data collection on temperature, humidity, and chemicals reduces the chance of food deterioration.


The agriculture sector benefits greatly from AI and data analytics-driven farming. Proper implementation of big data solutions in agriculture can increase form income.

Big data solutions in agriculture combined with data tools and software can revolutionize the agricultural industry. To help the farmer make better decisions, these technologies should be able to combine data on the climate, agronomy, water, farm machinery, supply chain, weeds, nutrients, and much more. By providing collections of most trusted applicationsRootfacts offer big data service in agriculture for data integration and data integrity. It enables you to stream data in real-time from many sources and aids in the development of critical insights based on reliable, high-quality data.