Data Science Service Provider

Data science services help organizations to run experiments on their data in search of business insights.

RootFacts offers data science services to help companies run marketing campaigns and other experiments on their data insights. We offer all advanced technology support including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning technologies to help our clients meet their organization's analytics needs.

Our Data Science Service Use Cases

  • Operational intelligence - Optimize the process performance by detecting deviations and unwanted patterns in the data. This allows us in knowing the root-cause problem and hence we can predict and forecast performance.

  • Supply chain management - Optimize the supply chain management using dedicated demand predictions, stock optimization suggestions, and assessment of risk.

  • Product quality - Identify and check the production process and any disruptions that are affecting the product's quality.

  • Predictive maintenance - Analyze the machines, identify and report patterns that can lead to pre-failure and failure conditions.

  • Dynamic route optimization - Using ML-based suggestions and analysis of vehicle maintenance data such as real-time GPS, route traffic data, road maintenance data, and so on, we check the optimal delivery route.

  • Customer background personalization - Identify customer behaviour patterns and segment them to build recommendation engines and design personalized assistance for businesses.

  • Sales process optimization - Check customers' sentiments using their past browsing patterns and find out future opportunities and lead to next-step sales.

  • Financial risk management - Forecast project earnings by assessing product worthiness and financial risks involved.

  • Image analysis - Reducing human error with automated facial or emotion recognition, grading, and counting.

What Our Data Science Services Provider Offers

Our data service providers offer the best facility and on-time service to all businesses in need. We can help with:

  • Drafting business objectives to meet with data science.

  • Solving problems with the existing data science solution (if any).

  • Determining data science deliverables.

  • Defining data source for data science.

  • Data collection, transformation and cleansing.

  • Defining the standards for the future ML model(s) evaluation.

  • ML model growth, training, testing and deployment.

  • ML model evaluation and tuning.

  • Offering data science results in an approved design.

  • Data science insights for business use in the form of reports and dashboards.

  • Custom ML-driven app for self-service use.

  • ML model integration into other applications.

  • User & admin training, data science support help.

Our Data Science Consulting Services Use Advance Tools and Analytics

RootFacts offer a data science consulting service to enable enterprise for business case identification using advanced analytics and decision intelligence with deep learning AWS, Azure and Google cloud.

Our team ensures continuous support and evolution of data science initiatives and makes efforts to increase the quality of insights. We also adjust the ML models based on the changing business environment.

Our Data Science Solutions Tailored For Your Unique Business Needs

RootFacts Data Science Solutions provides end-to-end updated data analytics software solutions through which you can access the resources. Our team will bring its domain expertise along with offering a cutting edge technology platform to build a smooth functioning data science solution tailored to your unique business needs.