IoT in Education: Adapt Smart Learning and Enhance the Educational Experience for Students

More and more educational institutions are adopting connected smart devices to support the already existing e-learning and smart-board infrastructure, Rootfacts IoT solution in education is a game-changer. Here are a few of the reasons for the quick adoption of our service:

  • Easy to adopt and low-cost cloud services.

  • Applications designed to meet your need.

  • Save, analyze, access data, and enjoy unlimited storage and pay-as-you-go features.

IoT Consulting in Education

We create smart gadgets that are utilized in student safety, classroom administration, monitoring of educational facilities, and energy efficiency. We can create IoT solutions in education for the following use cases using a suite of sophisticated tools:

Smart Classroom

You can integrate IoT technology with our assistance to make your educational institution genuinely cutting-edge. With these tools, you can alter the educational experience: tablets, wearables, smart lighting and HVAC, video/motion trackers, parking sensors, and wireless door locks.

Remote education

With IoT, we can make it easier for children to connect with their peers, role models, and teachers from any location. Students can exchange knowledge electronically using digital highlighters, virtual posters, and smart boards. 

Interactive education

Students learn faster and are more engaged in interactive learning environments. An interactive whiteboard, for instance, enables professors to provide multimedia content while also allowing students to collaborate and save content using our IoT consulting in education.

Tracking of attendance

We can assist you in automatically tracking the presence of pupils using the RFID chips in ID cards. If students are on campus and not in a specific classroom at a specific time, IoT in education is useful to track and record their presence.

STEM with Robotics education

We can assist you in creating instructional robots that teach kids computer programming. Robots are intelligent IoT components that kids can assemble and program. They offer immediate feedback and are the best instruments for engaging students in interactive learning.

IoT Solution in Education

With IoT in education, schools can lower running expenses while providing dynamic and engaging learning for kids. With your knowledge as input, we can design effective smart school solutions that meet your requirements. We provide specialized IoT consulting in education solutions and application development services for businesses interested in putting fully functional IoT platforms into place.